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It's great to be part of this year's Travel Matters conference. We hope you found Martin's presentation insightful and useful. You can download a copy of his slides here, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Enjoy the rest of the conference!

Did you know we can help with an array of regulatory, financial and strategic issues?

Whether you’re launching a new travel business or need help with an existing one. Our friendly team of travel experts can help you:

  • Arrange new licences, including ATOL, ABTA, and IATA.

  • Launch a new travel business or new travel products.

  • Arrange security such as bonding, trust accounts, ring fences, and insurance.

  • Sell holidays in a new country.

  • Get approval for travel mergers and acquisitions and other corporate changes.

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Haven't met all the faces behind the business yet?

Our hard-working, knowledgeable, approachable team bring 159 years of specialist travel industry expertise to the table. 

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